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Guard both your properties and business under one roof

As a landlord and/or a property owner, it’s crucial that you not only consider sufficient cover to protect your policies but also to cover for the business side of things, from missed rent payments through to tenant liability claims.


With the scale of new regulations that have come into force over the recent years, it’s now more important than ever to have comprehensive protection in place.


Whether you’re letting out one or more commercial or residential properties, the dedicated team at Evalee Insurance Brokers can arrange you a policy that mitigates the physical and consequential risks to your business.

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Policy benefits

Loss of Rent

Commercial Fire & Theft

Property Owners’ Liability

Accidental Damage

Damage by Tenant

Legal Expenses

Landlords’ Contents

Employers' Liability

If you have multiple properties in your portfolio, we can arrange for these all the be covered under a sole policy, reducing on paperwork, admin and potentially cost.


Ensure you don’t get caught out by unforeseen risks, unreliable tenants or legal action with insurance that’s got you covered.


If your portfolio includes one or more unoccupied properties, these will also need to be accounted for in your insurance as they’re often at high risk of vandalism and issues arising from lack of regular maintenance. For those in high-risk areas, it may be worth considering additional protection with Terrorism Insurance.


We’ll take a look at your business and the properties you manage in order to recommend any extras which could help to fortify your business.

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